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Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM

CRM stands for customer relationship management. Zoho is one of the leading cloud based software on CRM. It provides SaaS based solution which means that we do not need to install any hardware or software on a computer to run the software. Simply, login to the website and boom we are in ready to use the software.

Amforma is partnered with Zoho to provide Zoho CRM services. We can offer licenses, implementation, integration and data support based on Zoho CRM.

Why Zoho CRM?

  1. A complete web cloud based software.
  2. Easy navigation and simple to use.
  3. A lot of custom options.
  4. Integration with telephony systems to receive and make phone calls.
  5. Connects with Google Suite and make the experience amazing.
  6. Filters the emails and calls based on leads, contacts and accounts and assign them.
  7. Integration with accounting software such as QuickBooks .
  8. Integration with digital signature services such as DocuSign and EchoSign.
  9. Scalable as per the number of user’s requirements.
  10. Setup user profiles and permission level settings.
  11. Territory management is possible for geographical multiple office with multiple currencies .
  12. Helps in building easy processes, sales funnels and further connects to marketing campaigns .

Why Amforma?

We are looking to become your friendly yet a professional solution providers. Technology changes rapidly, our experts keep watch on all the latest happenings and help you with all the technological advancement so that your business can succeed. We care for our clients and provide extra mile support.

If your business is winning, we are winning in business.

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